About the Author

The writer (Pavan B Govindaraju) enjoys spending his time on learning about new things and likes to keep himself busy with his eternal pursuit of brilliant insights.

8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Sir, congrats on ur great work…. This would really make telugu live for more generations… A small request from me, can u please post the meaning of ‘Shankara nada sarira para’ from shankarabaranam movie if possible.

  2. Hi, very good work. I read all your posts and I was really impressed by your interests in telugu movie songs. I would like to ask you to contribute few lyrics of seetarama sastry garu. Like evaro okaru eppudo appudu, eppudu oppukovaddu ra otami, andelaravamidi padamulada etc. Good job anyways.. From Memphis, TN.

  3. Hi, it’s said that in pursuit of one’s interest good things come their way.You are one of them. The genre of film lyrics has been elevated to be likes of literature itself (all credit to Legendary Veturi Sundarama Murthy Garu). An apostle of modern Telugu literature at least in the genre of film lyrics. Waiting for newer posts. Keep going amigo.

    Best wishes
    Srinivas G

  4. Can I please have the translation for The song ” Maha Praana deepam” by Shankar mahadevan, movie Sree Manjunatha.

  5. Hi Sir, Can you share the meaning of the song “Dheera Dheera ” from the movie KGF. Would be highly obliged. This song led me to you.

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